Thursday, May 8, 2014

A New Hat

 Today was a really great day for two reasons. Number one, this hat came in the mail. My husband and I both ordered new spring/summer hats from H&M and they came in before our beach trip (always nice when things work out). The second thing that made today great was that my sister came to visit today :)

 My sister lives a couple hours away and has been crazy busy with school, but she recently graduated and with some of her first free days she came up to see me and to craft a little bit. I've missed her like crazy and it was so great to catch up and just spend some time with her again.

 I'm hoping our little craft days can become a regular thing, because it's nice to have someone to get excited for silly projects with. We were already scheming ways to make our own rag or t-shirt scrap rugs. We're gonna make it happen ;)

 Few things can make me as happy as a new hat and a visit from my sister. Although I have to admit, life has been really great lately. (knock on wood!)

 Hat - H&M
Vest - Target
Dress - Thrifted
Belt - Thrifted
Flats - Old Target


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