Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Try Something Different

Well the winter weather has gone for now and I decided to take this opportunity to wear an outfit with bare legs again for the first time in a while. I also didn't have to wear a cardigan for the first time in months. This definitely has me ready for spring if I wasn't already. I've found the perfect pink lipstick too, it's like all the stars are in line for spring.  

 I, of course couldn't be any happier. I'm so ready for fresh fruit all the time, working on my herb garden, and adding new cacti and succulents to my patio garden. Ready to spend more time outdoors with my husband and pup. There are so many things I'm looking forward to this spring, and this little bit of warmth has probably gotten me a bit of excited, but I don't care. I've decided to enjoy it while I can.

 This dress is definitely a bit more of a warm weather dress. I thrifted it recently but had my doubts about if  it was my style or not. I ended up taking the chance because it fits me so well and I'm pretty happy I did. It seems to be a great dress for dressing up or down. I obviously went a little bit more casual today but it has a lot of potential for a more formal look too.

I went for my spring/summer bandana staple and my neutral booties from Target. 
 At first I was a little bit unsure about these boots, they were my first ankle boots, and I decided to take a chance with them. Initially they sat in my closet because I wasn't sure how to wear them. Over time, and after trying them with several different kinds of outfits, I've grown to love them. These boots have turned out to be such a great purchase. They go with everything, dresses or jeans, black or brown.  Plus they're comfortable, so of course, I'm happy.

Have you ever taken a chance and had it pay off?

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