Saturday, February 1, 2014

Rosy Outlook

 Today I decided to let me feminine side take over. I suppose that since it's officially February, and Valentine's Day is only two weeks away, I wanted to wear something a little bit romantic but still casual. I put on pink lipstick, a cardigan in a nice rosy shade, and then of course I had to add something floral as well in the form of the thrifted purse.

 Plus I wore lace for the first time in a while. I love the texture it adds.
This lace/crocheted top is from JCP, as are the jeans and cardigan.

I'm also wearing these awesome thrifted loafers again. They are one of my most favorite thrifted purchases to date.

What are you go to style or colors for when you want to play up your feminine side?



  1. I love this outfit! And those jeans are perfect, I've been searching for a pair of olive green jeans.

  2. I seriously love these jeans! definitely invest in a good pair if you can. ;)