Thursday, February 13, 2014

Crocheted Heart Garland

 This is a diy project I've been interested in doing for a few years but had never gotten around to it. This year I came upon this pin, which explains how to crochet a heart. This pattern was so simple that even I could read it, and so I gave it a try. The pattern came out as I hoped and I decided that I'd make this the year I finally crocheted some heart garland for Valentine's Day (and with one day to spare!)

 I crocheted 10 pink hearts, and 9 red hearts using the heart pattern I found on pinterest. 
I made the garland by chaining 20 stitches, attaching the heart with a double crochet stitch and the center of the top of the heart, separated each heart with 8 chain stitches. I repeated this until the end, and finished the garland with another 20 chain stitches.

 This project was simple enough for a beginner crocheter, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. There's nothing like finally accomplishing something you've wanted to do for so long.
I just love making homemade holiday decorations, and even more so when I can crochet them! I love making garland specifically, because it's so simple to customize to whatever holiday you like. 
I hope I can keep decorating with this heart garland for many Valentine's Days to come :)


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