Friday, October 25, 2013

Painting With a Twist

 A little over a week ago Anthony and I met up with my family for some Mexican food and then we went to a place called Painting With A Twist. Essentially this is an art class where you are encouraged to byodrinks. We had a pretty large group and a few bottles of wine :)

 A local painter instructs the class on how to paint a predetermined concept. Ours was a bluebonnet sunset. Our instructor was a high school art teacher named Catherine that was so awesome. She was so helpful and encouraging and even patient with my brother in law that insisted on adding in a spaceship and other embellishments ;)

 If you're in Texas there are several different PWAT locations in most major cities including San Antonio, Waco, and Austin.

 The price of the classes range from $30-$50. All supplies including paint, paintbrushes and canvas are included in the price a therefore are provided for you.

 This was such a fun event to do with family members and we were surprised with how well everyone's paintings turned out in the end.

 We left with some new paintings and a little bit more confidence in our artistic skills. It really was so much fun and we were already wanting to go back to try the "paint your pet" class next time.

I strongly recommend you sign up for at least one of the classes even if you think painting isn't your thing. The instructor was really helpful and if nothing else you can just enjoy the wine!

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