Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cold Brew Coffee

 I've always been a fan of coffee. I started drinking it in high school and I never looked back. 
Recently I brought Anthony over to the dark side and now we're both coffee addicts. It's pretty awesome. Anyway, I found a recipe over on Vanilla & Lace and I decided to try it that night. 
(we used the same basic recipe but changed a few things)


 We used some magic bullet mugs, filled them with 2 3/4 cups of water, & half a cup of coffee. 

Mix the water and coffee together & cover. Refrigerate for 12 hours or overnight. 

The next morning we took the mugs out of the fridge and removed the lid. We took two coffee filters and secured them to a cup using a rubber band and pour the coffee and water mixture into the cup and let the cold brew drain threw till we were left with a coffee filter full of wet coffee grounds. (this took a few minutes and we were kind of impatient so you can remove the rubber bands and just squeeze the rest of the coffee from the grounds.

 We added in some of our favorite creamer and some ice and then enjoyed it!
I'm not just saying this to toot my own horn, but wow! this was soo good. If you are a fan of the cold store bought frappacinos then you have to try this! We wished we had discovered this at the beginning of summer because it is such a great alternative way to have coffee.

If you decide to try out cold brew coffee for yourself I'd love to hear your results and any changes you have made to it. We think some caramel or cinnamon might be a fun addition for fall.
Until Next Time,


  1. mmmm coffee is my favourite thing to drink! I've never heard of cold-brewing but it sounds like a good way to make a cold drink. Up 'til now we've just made coffee the regular way and let it cool, but this way probably makes it taste different.

  2. It was strong but I really liked how it tasted. Definitely worth trying if you're a coffee lover!