Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mexican Snowball

 A week or so ago I shared a picture of this succulent in my August edition of Around Here... He had been re-potted to a much bigger pot than he had originally been in and had been showing growth and improvement after just a few days. The other day when I was watering the plants I saw these beautiful little flowers that had begun to grow and I just had to take a couple of pictures to show how much growth has taken place since moving the plant to a bigger pot. It made such a huge difference and this succulent is really looking better than ever.

 These pictures are actually already a couple days old and there has already been some more growth on the plant. I decided to do a little research to find out what this succulent was and I found this helpful post from Apartment Therapy, that told me the name of this succulent is "E. elegans or Mexican snowball". It's nice to know what it is called. I might try to figure out a couple of the others as well. I also feel like trying to re-pot a few more of them to see if they start growing like crazy as well. 

I really love having a mostly succulent garden. I've found that I don't do well with most plants, but that I am able to keep succulents and cacti alive and well. I like having plants to tend to and watch grow. Some day when I have a back yard I'd love to have a real vegetable garden but so far we haven't had much luck with trying to grow them in containers. I'm just happy with my succulents for now.
Do you have a garden of your own? What are some of your favorite plants?

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  1. Pretty! I like those plants :) My dad owns a garden centre so I have a lot of favourite flowers!