Monday, May 13, 2013

Patio Wear

 I've been sharing so many pictures of my plants and patio lately because the weather has finally gotten consistently warm enough to call it summer. The beautiful sunny days have allowed us to open up the windows and enjoy some fresh air. I've been spending as much time on my patio as I can. I love sitting out there and working on a diy project or crocheting. Zane and Murray can't get enough of it either! Anyway, here are a few shots Anthony took of me on the patio recently. :)


 Outfit Details:
Hat: bought from a vendor in Key West
Sunglasses: Forever21
Top: Thrifted (Michael Kors)
Skirt: JcPenney
Sandals: From Payless (Several Years ago!)
Bracelets: American Eagle Outfitters, Pacsun and Surf Shop in Port Aransas, Texas.

Hopefully with the weather warm I will be able to find excuses to take outfit photos more often. We will see ;)

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