Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November afternoons

I've been really wanting to post more outfit posts and have given myself a million excuses as to why not. I'd tell myself my camera isn't good enough, I don't have good enough clothes, I don't have a lot of things fashion bloggers have, but I am not a fashion blogger. I am just a girl who likes to play dress up every once and a while and if it's something iI enjoy doing, then to heck with it! ;) So I apologize for the quality of the first two photos, but like I said, my camera isn't the greatest.

outfit details:
dress - Thrifted
cardigan - Thrifted
belt- Thrifted
moccasins - Target

 Hopefully I'll bring myself to do this more often and get over those pesky excuses.


  1. You are darling!
    I think the outfit and photos are great, I would love to see more :D

  2. well thank you! I really do appreciate it! I'll definitely try to motivate myself to do posts like this more often :)