Saturday, November 12, 2011

72. pillow accomplished

most of you already know that i like to crochet, and that i make beanies and scarves and i showed some pictures of granny squares i made, but most of my projects thus far have been fairly easy and uncomplicated, so i didn't have i hopes but i decided to try a more advanced project. i love the look of crocheted afghans but i wasn't sure if my skills were to that point yet ( and let's be honest, everyone and their mom has a crocheted afghan!) so i decided to try something a little different...
this is the granny squares before i started ( and yeah i know they aren't perfect, but like i said, i'm NOT an advanced crocheter.
finishing up one of the squares.
a close up shot of some of my handy work. 
and the finished pillow! i'm really happy with the way it turned out and might even try making an afghan in the near future. granny squares are so much fun to make and are a cute addition to anyone's home. i can't wait to try other color combinations and sizes of squares to make more unique items for my home as well as my friends and family.


  1. that is so pretty!! awesome job! so i get done with finals dec 15th and i'm planning an austin trip after that sometime to spend time with you and with maura. we should have a craft day! :)

  2. we most definitely should! i have so many xmas crafts i need to work on!

  3. Your pillow is awesome! Keep it up and you'll be an advanced crocheter in no time! :)