Wednesday, July 20, 2011


i've been trying really hard to take more pictures lately, i don't have an especially great camera, and i'm not a especially great photographer, but that's what practice is for right? so here are a couple snapshots and panoramics i've taken over the past week or so. ( my mac has informed me that the plural version of  a panoramic is panoramas, but i'm stubborn.) the bulk of these are just from random walks around my apartment, so the content isn't incredibly beautiful or anything, but whatev, this will serve as a little look at where i live.  

 the first one is my staircase, (i live on the third floor, which for some might not seem so bad, but here in TX the weather has been 100+ degrees for most of the summer and three flights of stairs in this weather is murder!) the second one is just my attempt of catching the sunset through the silhouette of a tree, you can barely see the sunset, but the sky looks pretty :D, the last one is of my dog zane on a little walk, and my not so photogenic shadow. :P

and lastly, here's a picture of me, myspace style, on that same walk. 
what do you guys think of my amateur photography? is there something you've been trying to do more of? 


  1. I dig your panoramas. I have a little Sony cybershot that has the panorama feature and I use it waaayy too much.

  2. thanks :) & i know what you mean, i barely take regular pictures anymore if i can help it. they're just too much fun!