Friday, April 8, 2011


i know, i've been a terrible blogger lately. i'm going to blame that entirely on my hectic personal life. one of my roommates has moved out, and work has been rather hectic. I've also been preparing for my big sister's wedding at the end of the month.
with so much going on the only thing I've been able to think about it the beach and the upcoming summer. my family has a tradition of going to Port Aransas, Texas every memorial day weekend ( they've been going every year since my mother was a baby). it brings back such wonderful memories of spending time with family. Last October we made it have a greater meaning by spreading half of my grandfather's ashes there in the ocean. i've been so stressed out lately, and thinking of the beach helps me to calm down and breathe. so in honor of that, i thought i'd share a few photos of past trips. i wish i had some from when i was a kid, but they're all in my mom's photo albums. so most of these a fairly recent, but they'll do just fine. hope you enjoy.

sorry for the massive amount, as you can tell i'm really looking forward to the trip this year, i need a vacation. - R


  1. i love these pictures! especially the ones of the seagulls :) <3 xxx