Thursday, January 13, 2011


my twentieth post! how exciting, and i've actually managed to snag a few photos before work of the outfit i wore today. i must warn you i'm still messing around with the timer and angles, and the photos didn't turn out that great. i must admit, i'm just glad i got around to taking some for the first time in months ;)
the blouse and cardigan are from target and my jewelry and belt are from forever 21. 
i don't know if i mentioned that i dyed my hair recently. i've been coloring it red for a few months and i finally gave up trying to maintain it. red hair color just fades from my hair in a matter of weeks, and ends up looking orange and flat :( not to mention since i'm a natural brunette i was seeing my roots in as little as two weeks :(, anyway point is i dyed it brown and it's fading back to red! i dont't know if my hair is just stubborn or if i need to just forget dying my hair altogether. at this point i'm just ready to give up.

tomorrow i'm going to go try on bridesmaid dresses for my sisters wedding. i know bridesmaid dresses usually get a bad rap, but my sister has excellent taste so i'm sure i have nothing to worry about. there are three different styles i'll be choosing from, all with be champagne in color and they all are full length dresses, so the main difference will be the necklines. i'm excited to try on dresses either way :)
enough of my rambling for now, the weekend is almost here and i'm so relieved, this week has been exhausting and i'm ready for some r&r!

hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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