Tuesday, December 21, 2010


1. the holidays are quickly approaching, and i must admit that i am lacking in the gift-giving department this year. i didn't get to hand-make any of the presents I'm giving out ( which i had really wanted to do). i procrastinated even beginning my Christmas shopping until five days before christmas. every year i tell myself i need to be one of those people who shops for christmas year round and also manages to give people really awesome homemade and personalized gift. this year i've failed in reaching that goal miserably :( 

2. the holidays are going to feel a bit lonely this year. anthony and i haven't always gotten the chance to spend christmas together, in fact i dont know that i've ever gotten to see him face to face on christmas day in the past five years we've been together. this year will be different. on christmas eve we will be having dinner with my parents in san antonio, TX, then we will be driving back to north austin to sleep, then i will be waking up around 6:15 am (boooo.) and driving back to san antonio to open presents christmas morning with my parents and siblings before spending the remainder of the day in seguin on my grandparent's ranch. whew. meanwhile, anthony will be sleeping in until 10:00 am then driving to houston and.... staying there till the end of year....!? honestly we very rarely spend time apart. the longest we've had to was five days, and that was four years ago or something? i'm just not going to like the feeling of sleeping alone in a king size bed. 

3. i recently read the leopard print nails tutorial on gemfatale's blog and I'm in love. end of story. :)

4. i need help with my layout. anyone who is willing to help, comment on this post for details. thank you!

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