Saturday, September 18, 2010


okay, so as promised i did was productive today. it's hard to keep up with cleaning when you live with three messy guys. somehow though i managed to do laundry, clean the kitchen (including unloading and reloading the dishes), i cleaned my bathroom, took out the trash, made my bed and finally reorganized my closet. i started pulling out my fall scarves and realized what a pathetic collection i have. there are many things to put on my shopping list. ;)

i also got out some a pair of heels i rarely wear and some slouchy boots i've been neglecting. time to start incorporating these kicks back into my wardrobe. :)

boots: gift, heels: payless

i've also had the idea for awhile of doing a swap party where everyone in attendence brings a few items of clothing. the point is for people to bring items that are in good condition but never get worn in order to swap with others to get new pieces for their wardrobe. i think it's a good way to recycle pieces and save money. hopefully i'll get around to putting something like this together soon.

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