Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nature Box #2

 Early last month I blogged about my first Nature BoxNature Box is a food subscription service that is delivered monthly. The snacks offered are super nutritious and also taste incredibly good. We were so pleased with out first box we even added in a few extra snacks to try this month.

The sour cream and onion almonds were hands down my favorite. I finished the bag of them on the first or second day. They were that good. Our other favorites were the Fuji Apples, the tart & tangy fruit medley, whole wheat raspberry figgy bars, & the sourdough cheddar pretzels. 

We weren't big fans of the chili lime pistachios, and I don't think we'd get the Santa Fe corn stix again either, but all things considered this was an improvement from the first box. There were a few things (the sour cream and onion almonds) that will most likely end up being added into our next box because we liked them so much :)

If you have heard about Nature Box and weren't sure what to expect, then let me assure you that this box of snacks is a worthwhile subscription. They have a snack to suit to just about anyone's taste.
I'm already excited to start putting together my next month's Nature Box!
Have you tried Nature Box yet?

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