Saturday, July 12, 2014

Heart Doily

 I love a good crochet project and I hadn't had a crochet project to work on in a while so I went looking. I found this one while looking through the diy & craft feed on pinterest. I love doilies. I've even crocheted a few myself. They're incredibly easy to make and take very little time and yarn. This particular pattern only uses basic stitches like slip stitches, chain stitches, & double crochet stitches. I'd say this project would be simple for someone who can easily crochet a granny square.

The doily is pretty small and could be used as a coaster because of it's size, but I think they're too pretty. I found a spot on a bookcase that seemed perfect for this one and then quickly made another heart doily for another like nook that seemed like it needed a little something else too. 

Doilies like this are great for making other projects too. I'd love to try making a doily runner for my coffee table or even some doily garland for the holidays. 
What would you use a heart doily for?

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