Friday, January 24, 2014

Adventures with Fabric paint: Denim Shirt Update

 So I've been interested in trying out fabric paint or dye for some time and I finally picked up some cheap fabric paint from Walmart recently to play around with. 
I wanted to do a project that was simple, wearable, and my style.

I decided I wanted to do a polka dot/ dalmatian dot pattern on select sections of my older denim button-up shirt, which was also originally from Walmart.
I shook the bottle as directed and then applied the paint by hand in dotted pattern.

I put it on the section around, but not on the collar and on the pocket flaps.

I used Tulip Slick paint in black.

The paint took four hours to dry and is machine washable 72 hours later.
I'm really happy with how my first project with fabric paint turned out. I can't wait to try something else out.
Any suggestions?

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