Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Around here

 For us November has been about trying to slow things down and enjoy every moment. These past few months seem to really fly by, and it would be foolish to think November would be any different. It's really easy to get caught up in holiday preparations this month, in fact, you pretty much have to get caught up in holiday preparation if you want to get anything accomplished before the holidays roll around. After all we are already nearly two weeks into November! How did that happen?

 Now I have no issue with people having to have a busy November, these things are simply unavoidable. There is just a lot going on right now. My main goal is to just savor those little everyday moments that make this time of year so special. I have made it one of my goals before 2014 begins to take more everyday photos in an effort to document what really can make the holiday season so memorable. Like delicious and warm homemade dinners and apple cider on cold nights :)

 I remember taking this picture thinking how fall in Texas must be so different than everywhere else right now. All the trees and grass are pretty much green. I've only spotted a few sporting fall foliage. 
It's definitely something we miss out on down here.

  Two more moments that I wanted to be sure to capture. These two are a huge part of enjoying everyday. Murray is about to experience his second holiday season, and Zane is nearing his fifth birthday. In my opinion the above pictures feature two of the best cuddlers in existence which comes in handy this time of year!

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