Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fill In The Blank

 Outfits like this one are super easy. You can pretty much get away with pairing anything up with a black maxi skirt with some burnt caramel colored shoes and accessories. The top you wear is the fill in the blank part. You can easily make this casual or dressy depending on the top.  That's probably why I have two black maxi skirts I've been living in this summer. They just go with anything.  This one is cotton so it's also really comfortable for the hot weathered Texas days, but the cut makes it a little more interesting than your average black maxi. I bought it from target a couple of months ago.


 The wedges were a gift from my mother in law from around the time of our wedding last year. They are from JcPenney, and are the best shoes ever. I'm not a high heel type of girl. There are just very few occasions when I need to wear them. Due to this I'm not very good at walking in heels either. Thus I tend to gravitate more towards wedges when looking for shoes with a little lift. I have another pair I bought from target that I just wobble around on when I wear them and so I avoid wearing them even though they're really cute shoes. No one wants to look cute but roll their ankle, ya know?
Anyway, I don't wobble around in these wedges and they are really comfortable to stand in. The color is spot on to match my favorite thrifted belt so that probably makes me a little biased as well ;)

 This top was also bought from target, but it was several years ago. It's sort of a geometric tribal print and has black, white, forest green, and a tan-ish gold color that makes it the perfect print to pair up with black and brown. It also has a racer-back so it's the perfect casual comfy top.

This bangle is another favorite item I've had from years. It was given to me from my mom, which was so cool because I'd always loved it. It's made of wood and matches my belt and shoes to the T. My mom has good taste, what can I say?
Do you have any summertime go tos?

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