Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Orleans in Photos

 In March my husband and I were lucky enough to be able to take a vacation with family for a week. A week seems like a pretty short time for all that we were able to do in those seven days. We began our vacation by taking a road trip to New Orleans. New Orleans is such an amazing town. There is just a little bit for everyone there. The architecture is beautiful and the city is filled with amazing smells and breath taking art work. If You've never been to New Orleans, it's hard to explain, it's unlike any other city in the US. We Were only there for one night but it was a great experience and we already want to go back.
 Our hotel room was decked out in Andy Warhol Artwork (there was autographed soup cans in the lobby! So cool!).

 We spent a lot of time walking around checking out monuments and artwork. The boardwalk was covered in neat little sculptures.
 The French Quarter was our favorite. The Architecture is just so unreal. You can definitely see all the European influence throughout the city.

This Church was so beautiful inside and out. I mean, look at that stained glass!
Of course we had to go to Bourbon Street while we were there and have a Hand Grenade (or two). We were there on a Saturday night and it was pretty busy. There were street performers and a bar at every turn. We ended our night with some hot chocolate and beignets, and spent the walk back to our hotel covered in powdered sugar. so worth it. 

Although we didn't get to spend much time there we enjoyed every bit of it. We left already wanting to plan our next trip. Have you visited New Orleans? 

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