Wednesday, May 1, 2013

hello May.

Setting and achieving personal goals is not something I am well versed in. I start projects and forget about them sometimes taking years to complete something. This is something I've decided I need to work on changing. I know from reading other blogs and from other rare previous achieved goals that finishing what you start in a timely manner can be very satisfying. In order to begin my new habit of finishing what i start I decided I should attempt to evaluate what usually stops me from achieving my goals. I may not have pinpointed everything but I feel one major weakness is that I set too many goals at once and that I limit myself by setting some unachievable goals. So Instead of setting a goal like, "I want to lose weight" I would set a goal more similar to "I will go on more walks with my dog." That being said I want to set a monthly timeline to hold myself more accountable. (that's one nice thing about putting on this blog as well.) I hope that this sticks and becomes a monthly post of what I hope to achieve in those thirty or so days, but only time will tell.

That being said, here are my first personal goals I wish to achieve in May of 2013 (Feel free to join along and leave a link in the comments if you do!)
1. Walk more often. (I read recently in Women's Health magazine that 10 minutes of walking a day greatly minimizes both your risk for heart disease and diabetes)
2. Crochet more often. The ultimate long term goal is to finish my granny square blanket.
3. Eliminate soda completely. I have stopped drinking soda for the most part with a few exceptions here and there. No more!
4. simplify. This has kind of been my mantra this year so far. I want to de-clutter, organize and evaluate what is really a necessity. I have a tendency to be pack rat and a collector. I'm trying to be better about getting rid of what i really don't need. 

I hope that come June I will have stuck with these four goals and will be posting a new list of things i hope to achieve. Do you have any personal goals you've reached recently? What helps you stick with reaching the things you wish to achieve?

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