Friday, August 3, 2012

repurpose and reuse.

I've been accumulating glass jars, mostly from pasta sauce or pickles. Point is, i felt like i had to be able to find something to do with them other than just dropping them in the trash. we have a few we've been using as cups, and a few are being used to store cotton balls and q-tips. I decided to sift through my DIY board on pinterest in order to get the creative juices flowing, and of course pinterest never fails.

 This tutorial by Rikki Hibbert shows you how to create a pretty display using glass jars.

this is a simple idea to convert a jar into a soap dispenser found over on Blissfully Content.
i can't seem to find the original source for this little diy, but the concept seems pretty simple. the jars are decorated with fabric to make them useful for holding pens and pencils or a pretty bouquet.

another one i couldn't find the source to, however this is just a simple restyling. a little paint and a cute little deer and this jar is now both pretty and practical.

this diy is from and is a great idea for making personal and budget friendly holiday decor as well as another great way to reuse those jars.

so the next time you finish that jar of jelly think before you toss it in the trash can. Glass jars can be used a number of different ways. how do you use yours?

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