Friday, March 23, 2012

84. home decor favorites.

pinterest is one of my favorite websites because it allows you to organize all the images online that appeal to you. this is especially amazing when you find imagery as inspirational as i do. Because i've developed quite the collection i thought it may be time to share a few of them here. if you do not yet have a pinterest account i strongly recommend making one, whether you are a blogger or not.
here are some of my favorite from my home decor board that have been inspiring me as of late.

love this snapshot of a kitchen shelf i found over at little chief honeybee. i love the polka dotted mugs!
i love the fearless use of color in this room designed by urban outfitters.
 another room that admire for it's use of color. i love all the wood detail and of course the globe!
with pretty vintage pyrex dishes like these i would be cooking and baking all the time!
image found at smile and wave
this one had to go in my home decor board because of this awesome "R" shaped bookcase. This would be perfect with almost any letter, and is such a cute personal touch for any room.
another lovely image found at desire to inspire

whats been inspiring you lately?

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  1. pinterest never fails to leave me inspired! i love those funky chairs in the last photo! xoxo linds of