Thursday, July 28, 2011


hello to my new followers! i appreciate each and every one of you :)
i'm dog-sitting nico for a friend till sunday and poor zaney is so jealous. we've been watching the last few episodes of six feet under. if you haven't watched it, you should. it's an incredible show, but also terribly depressing. Nico is depressed cause he misses his owner, zaney is depressed because he feels unloved. anthony is anxious for the weekend. everyone is just feeling a little off today, and i dont know that six feet under is helping, but i'm enjoying it anyway. i did get some good news this morning. i start training for my new job soon, which is very exciting. 
shortly after my post yesterday my camera decided to start working, figures right? and instead of going back and editing that post with better pictures i decided to just share a couple today instead. (mostly because i have little else to share.) 
 i've been doing my make up slightly different than usual. i tend to go a little overboard with the eyeliner, but i'm feeling prettier lately without it.
 this is a slightly better shot of my nails, my pointer finger is a little sloppy, but i love how the polka dots turned out.
 had to post this shot of zaney in action, his face cracks me up. this dog LOVES running. he's happiest when he's got wide open spaces to dart around in circles.
& lastly, this photo is not the best by any means, but this is how i look as zaney get's his exercise. my eyes just dart back and forth haha. 
sorry for being sort of repetitive, but as i stated early, today has been pretty uneventful. i'm definitely ready for this weekend and next week for that matter. 
anyone else having a lazy day? or do you have anything exciting going on? i'd love to live vicariously through you! hah.

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