Friday, September 17, 2010


its my day off, so naturally i've laid in bed and been lazy :) it's storming out, so it's going to be a nice night to stay in and cuddle up with anthony and of course zane. school starts next week so i need to enjoy being lazy while i can. i do however have a lot of things to do around the apartment, but i have a feeling it could get put off until tomorrow, we'll see. I'm currently too into the ghost adventures marathon on the travel channel (new season premiere tonight!)
aside from being lazy today i have been productive this week. Anthony and i had to buy two new tires for the lancer. we also threw out our old full mattress and box spring in favor of a king size bed :) and to top it off made a payment for my school. needless to say, i may not have gotten a lot of things done, but i did spend a lot of money - and that was exhausting, haha.

jeggings: target, shirt: old navy, belt: f21, sweater: target.

also, i had heard somewhere that Polaroid would be re-releasing their original Polaroid instant film, but i looked at and only saw a new, smaller version on the instant film which can only be used with the newest polaroid model. does anyone know if the original film is coming back?

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